Super Daughter Eyes and Ears Services


Family Link
Families worry about each other.  Whether you live out of town or have a busy obligated life nearby, you worry about your older parents, relatives or friends. Super Daughter Services will make regular visits and report back to you about how your loved one is doing: physically, emotionally and socially. We help out with whatever is needed. We report regularly by email, Skype or phone to confirm or allay any concerns. Super Daughter Services can assess the situation using Geriatric Care Management Assessment tools and make care plan recommendations as needed. Super Daughter Services can help keep your loved ones stay engaged, finding like-minded people with whom they can socialize and activities that match their lifelong interests. 


Our eyes and ears can also be on the lookout for signs of financial abuse or identity theft. We can be an advocate, as well as a fiduciary, to protect personal financial affairs. 


Doctor’s Visits

Doctors’ offices are busy places. Sometimes it is hard to remember to ask the Doctor all the questions you meant to (or your family members wanted answered).  It can be overwhelming to remember all the doctor’s answers and instructions. Frankly, most of us don’t really understand the medical lingo and feel a little of silly having to ask doctors to keep repeating things to us.


Super Daughter Services can help set up your appointments, be there to ask the important questions and advocate for your needs. We will make sure your doctor fully understands your issues, and that you fully understand your doctor’s recommendations. We can help educate family members about your medical issues and needs as well. Super Daughter Services will make sure that your prescriptions are filled and that your pharmacist is on the lookout for possible interactions between any of your prescribed or over the counter medications