Taking Care Of Business

Daily Money Management /Household Assistance 

There are a lot of daily details to take care when you are independent. Sometimes those details can become overwhelming. Bills can start to pile up, and problems with medical claims, credit card companies and others can go unresolved. Appliances may start breaking down,requiring repairs small and major. Whether you live by yourself, or whether you have the responsibility of taking care of all the details and a loved one, Super  Daughter Services can visit on a regular basis and help you manage bills, get on the phone and resolve any problems, and arrange for household maintenance and repairs. Super Daughter services can take over the bill paying responsibilities as well. We are happy to help with whatever you need to make your easier and remove daily stress.  


Snowbird Nest Watch
It makes sense to get out of Buffalo during the winter. The details of leaving that seemed easy 10 years ago may  now feel overwhelming. Super Daughter Services will help coordinate travel plans, help you get your car to your vacation home, make sure mail is forwarded, safely pack and ship your belongings, and help you get you to the airport. We can work together to make sure you have all your medical information and prescriptions on hand, as well coordinate with new doctors at your vacation location. While you are gone, we will monitor your house, review mail, water plants and attend to any emergencies.. With a limited Power of Attorney, we can also take over your bill paying in your absence. When you come home, your house will be clean and ready for you, with a stocked refrigerator and pantry. If you need help getting home from the airport, Super Daughter will be there.


Emergency Book


One of the most loving things parents can do for their children and other family members is to have their information organized. If there ever is an emergency, it’s important to have information instantly available to ensure there are no questions about who should be called and how to honor your wishes. Super Daughter Services helps organize important information that could be needed in the event of an emergency. Health Care Proxies, Wills, Life and Health Insurance policies, lists of attorneys, financial planners, accountants and other advisors, doctors and therapists, agencies, and pharmacies are assembled for easy access. Assets and accounts are confidentially inventoried. A full medical history is taken and documented. A medication list is assembled and (optionally) reviewed by a geriatric pharmacist to evaluate for drug interactions. All of this information is assembled in a book, or on a flash drive, or both, with strict procedures for confidentiality.


Insurance policies can be reviewed for appropriateness, funding and beneficiary designation. Insurance coverage and government programs are reviewed and explained to family members if requested. Super Daughter Services can facilitate a family meeting to review the information so that everyone is clear as to what mom and dad want to happen in case of an emergency and how they want their legacy to be followed.

This information can be reviewed on an annual or semi-annual basis. Super Daughter Services can also help   collect information required for annual tax preparation.


Personal Asset Review Service

Over time, we all accumulate “stuff,” some valuable, some rich with personal significance, and some that really could go. Super Daughters can help with the paring-down process in a relaxed, respectful and orderly fashion (and save the kids from having to do it sometime in the future!). We can help you figure out what is important, what is an emotional treasure and what should be insured.  We can help you decide what can be tossed or donated, what should be shredded, and what can be handed to intended loved ones so you know they have received your gifts.    You will be surprised much better you feel when the job is done.