Super Daughter Transitional Services

Change of Home
Living in “one’s home” is always the preferred place to dwell. Due to health and other circumstances, the current home may become too big to maintain, have too many stairs to be safe, require too much maintenance or be too expensive. Super Daughter Services can objectively access the current home situation, including how it is set up, how it’s being taken care of and how it is being used. Suggestions will be made to take to the burden off the homeowner and improve safety. Alternative living situations can be explored together, taking into account what is important to individuals involved in making their house (or apartment, condo, or other adult arrangement) their home. Super Daughter Services will help organize, downsize and coordinate all aspects of the relocation progress, making the transition as pleasant as possible. Actions will be prioritized and a time frame will be set.


Death of a Loved One

The death of a spouse or a parent is a very stressful time. In addition to mourning the loss of a loved one, there are many details that need to be taken care of: filling out paperwork for government benefits, insurance claims and disputes, papers that need to be filed, services that need to be cancelled or changed. Documents need to be sorted and organized for the settlement of the estate and the home and personal effects need to be handled. The survivors may need help with these tasks and others which are unique to their situation. They also may need help with responsibilities their deceased loved one managed (or had been overlooked for a while) in order to maintain their homes and lifestyles.

Super Daughter Services will come and prioritize everything that needs to be done, coordinate meetings with the attorneys and advisors, walk the family through the process and help out in whatever way works best for the family. Super Daughter Services can also continue to help the family on an ongoing, regular basis so the survivors can maintain their independence and live a full (and hopefully less stressful and higher quality) life.