“Tips from the Super Daughter” Workshops

Tips from the Super Daughter” is a series of workshops for families and professionals.

Preparing an Emergency Book

This workshop gives the tools needed to get your personal, financial, insurance and legal information organized in one place so that in case of emergency,  you and your loved ones know what you have and where it is, who to call and your wishes and priorities.


“The Vocabulary of Aging”

Aging professionals use a vocabulary that can be intimidating.  If you speak the same language, your questions can be answered more clearly and you may be treated as more of a member of the team.  Whether you are advocating for yourself or for a loved one, learning some of the basics of the vocabulary of aging will help you get what you need.


“The Basics of Long Term Care”

Long Term Care is much more than Nursing Home Care.  Learn the basics of the different levels of care, who provides it and where.  Be familiar with what’s out there and how much it costs before you or a loved one needs help.


“Tips to Help Your Older Clients Understand You”   Workshop for Financial Professionals

 This workshop gives pointers to working with older clients who may be hard of hearing, have memory issues or who may just be a little slower than they used to be.